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Experience Ardh Kumbh-2019 (Allahabad) with 'NAGA SADHUS' up close..


The significance of the holy festival "Kumbha"


According to saints and scriptures, in the year in which on the day of full dark night in January month (Magh Amavasya) where there is guru in  Vrishchik rashi (Scorpio Zodiac) and there is Sun and Moon in Makar rashi (Capricorn Zodiac), Kumbh festival is organized in Tirthraj Prayag, Allhabad.

On such an auspicious occasion, spiritual consciousness flows in each and every particle of  holy bank of Ganga (Sangam). Meetings of auspicious planet and interactions with great saints and monks are very rare, but on this such auspicious occasion both become spontaneous. All around the chanting of the name of divine name, sadhana, meeting of holy mother Ganga Jamuna and Saraswati, overwhelmed by the Amrit Vaani (Devotion to god) of Saint and monks, the compassionate God with his all attributes takes incarnation to remove all the sufferings of devotes and make their life more pure. We bow to such a holy city.

It is informed with great joy that in Kumbh Mela 2019  under the leadership of H.H Mahant Sri Avimukanand Giri Ji, Many Yoga gurus, Sanskrit scholars, Astrologers and volunteer, a pleasant, well arranged, safe and familial spiritual kumbh camp has been arranged  where everyone can have an opportunity to experience the incredible life style of Indian spiritual tradition. 

Juna Akhada

Enlighten yourself in holy presence of H.H Sri Mahant Prem Giri Ji Maharaja, Vice President, Juna Akhara, H.H Avimuktanand Giri Ji Maharaj, Mahant Juna Akhara (Varanasi) and all others Naga sanyasi and sadhus.  

Shri Mahanth Prem Giri ji Maharaj (Vice President Juna Akhada)

Shri Mahanth Prem Giri ji Maharaj (Vice President Juna Akhada)

Self-Experience in Kumbh by Yogacharya Smriti Pandey



In the holy presence of  Pujya Shri Aviukanand Giri Ji Maharaj, I got the privilege of having many times internal and external baths in holy city of  Prayag with my whole family. Through the dive in holy ganga, laziness, insomnia, inertia spontaneously get disappeared. It blossoms the body and mind.  Who has the power to describe the celebration of the supernatural joy of diving into the Self by sitting in meditation with our beloved Aspirants who are here to move their lives to the summit of spiritual development? There is no mind, intelligence, and ego. Here is the flow of only infinite love; the flow of grace of compassionate supreme lord. 

Through the teaching of inner journey by Pujya Shri Swami ji, all of us have experienced the divine flow inside.

All around the chanting of supreme lord, Chants of Har Har Mahdev, fragrant smoke from Hawan (burning rituals) and vibrated environment with the firm resolution of great saints, it seems the supreme lord has incarnated on earth in this moment. 

Experienced meditation is possible only through silence, Saints have said “Silence as a greatest resolution". In deep silence, the seeker becomes the authority of experiencing the mysteries of nature. The more silence is there, the more consciousness get expanded.  

For centuries, peace, silence, bathing, charity, meditation and churning are coming on the holy festival of Mauni Amavasya. According to Hindu religion texts, Magh mass(January) is considered to be a time of spiritual energy and deep silence is necessary to absorb spiritual energy. On this day, when the sun and moon came in Makar rashi (Capricorn zodiac), this time became very holy and religious.

Devotees are suggested to not let go this auspicious opportunity to dive in the holy and pure mother Ganga with whole family and devotion. 

Remaining in Kumbh Mela ...............

! Har Har Mahadeva !

Camp empowered by

Swami Avimuktananda Ji


Mahant  Shri Avimuktanand giri Ji maharaj the disciple of Shri Mahant Prem Giri Ji Maharaj is mahant of  Shri Panchadash Nam Juna Akhada, Acharya Gurugaadi Jepeshwar Math of Varanasi.  Venerated with many spiritual powers, Yogic practices and Sadhana , In present  Swami ji  lives in Varanasi while continuously plugging himself in the service of humanity and propagation of  dharma. Through very easy meditation methods, Swamiji guides Sadhana classes for common people to achieve physical prosperity and spiritual development at the same time.  The main goal of swamiji’s life is to serve the humanity while living in the state of self-realization. According to Swamiji, the biggest achievement of life is self-realization i.e  knowing and experiencing inner self. Through Self-realization overall individual growth, social upliftment and  world peace is possible. Simple life, knowledge, behaviour and vision of Swamiji are inspiration for all the youth of society.

Rishikumar Santosh


Yoga & Meditation Master

Born on 10th January 1983 in Varanasi (India) Rishikumar Santosh  is a mystic yoga guru, song writer, singer, composer and meditation master. He started his spiritual education at the age of 6 under supervision of his Master Khuman Poraiton in Varanasi. During 14 years of staying in the ashram of his Master, He plugged himself completely in service of him and studied yogic scriptures, meditation and life philosophy. In same time period he kept on his worldly education and got the graduate degree in physics and post graduate in yogic science. He self practiced and commanded over many secrets practices of Yoga. His written mystic songs, yoga teachings and messages  have essence of wisdom of Yoga, eternal truth, beauty of nature and human life which inspires and guides to attain the highest state of Yoga. Since 2008 to 2012, He served as a lecturer in Wonkwang Digital University of South Korea. His major teachings were there Hatha yoga, Yoga psychology, Yoga physiology, Internal Yoga (Pratyahara, Dharana and Dhyana) and Yoga therapy. He did many workshops in reputed organizations and universities in South Korea. He has been invited in many reputed organizations and their affiliated centers such as Banaras Hindu University (Varanasi), Swami Vivekananda Yoga University Korea Center, North east railway, Cancer hospital, Coca-Cola Company, Sri Sri University, Myongji University (South Korea) etc. In present, while pursuing his own personal Yoga Sadhana, He does Yoga workshops, teacher training retreats  and concerts of his mystic songs and soulful Kirtan in all over the country and Abroad. Connection with inner self is the essence of his Yoga teaching. 

Smriti Pandey


Veda, Yoga & Pranik Healing Master

Smriti ji is a Sanskrit scholar, Veda Master and Yoga Sadhak. She got her Master degree in philosophy and B.Ed education from Banaras Hindu University. In present she is working as a principal of Ved Vedang Yoga peetham governed my Amrit Kumbhasy Sansthanam Trust Varanasi. She is one of the blessed disciple of Swami Avimuktanand ji and supporting all his spiritual missions.


Amrit Kumbhasya Sansthaanam

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